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I have decided to take part in the Yes to Life #BigWeekOff this year after following Robin's progress last year.  I was running the charity at the time and posting lots of social media as well as chatting to him daily about how it was all going.  At the time, I kept telling myself 'Gosh, I should really give this a go'.  He looked great afterwards, had lost some weight, his eyes were super shiny and full of energy. So now I have the chance.  it's a great time of year to do it apart from the heat and warmth of the Summer months when Robin did it last year.  This is my real challenge as most of the food intake is cold - apart from the broth.  We tend to vere towards warm and cosy foods to feel full and content but often this means eating a lot of the wrong types of foods - lots of carbs.  I am not too good with carbs - my body doesn't really like them.  Bloaty tummy and a weight gainer for me.

I am supporting Yes to Life as it as charity close to my heart.   I am aiming to raise £150 doing the challenge so I hope you will support me with whatever you cab afford. 

Here's to a great before and after shot - LOL! 

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The Big Week off

January 12th sees the launch of a brand new charity event - a fundraising fast! Following on from our Chairman, Robin Daly’s successful one-week fundraising detox earlier this year, #TheBigWeekOff is now being launched as a public fundraiser for Yes to Life. You get the chance to give your ...

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