The Big Week off

The Big Week off


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  • Event date Sun 12th Jan - Sat 18th Jan 2020 00:00 - 00:00
  • Location UK, Wide
    SG5 1EH
    United Kingdom
  • £5 - £15
  • Fundraising target: £150
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January 12th sees the launch of a brand new charity event - a fundraising fast!

Following on from our Chairman, Robin Daly’s successful one-week fundraising detox earlier this year, #TheBigWeekOff is now being launched as a public fundraiser for Yes to Life.

You get the chance to give your body, mind and soul a fresh start to the New Year, through a professionally designed detox programme. You get all the established benefits of a detox and reset to your health and wellbeing, while simultaneously raising urgently needed funds to help support people with cancer in understanding and accessing the enormously beneficial resources of Integrative Medicine. A win-win all round!

Three entry levels

Level One: If you’re new to detoxing, you can dimply do one day - 24 hours away from your normal routine. This will give you an experience of detoxing, empowering you by breaking away from your habitual psychological and emotional dependence on regular meals, while giving your system a well-earned break. And who knows, you might acquire a taste for a longer detox next time! (£5 entry fee to cover Yes to Life admin cost)

Level Two: If you’ve detoxed before, or if you’re confident of embarking on a few days of detoxing, Level Two is four days. While more challenging, this will have much deeper effects - physically, psychologically and emotionally. In four days, your system can really settle down, eliminating toxins and affecting your mental and emotional state, supporting calm and centredness. (£10 entry fee to cover Yes to Life admin cost)

Level Three: The full seven-day detox is certainly a challenge for most people, but will appeal most to those who have already experienced the benefits that detoxing has to offer. The effects of a detox of this length can be deep and long-lasting, and the significant health benefits are now well documented. (£15 entry fee to cover Yes to Life admin cost)

How-to instructions

All entrants will receive full instructions, to enable them to gain the maximum benefit from their chosen detox, and to ensure they are aware of the precautions needed to complete their detox safely.

Yes to Life

For 15 years, Yes to Life has provided invaluable support to those with cancer who are interested in learning about all the ways they could help themselves regain their health and wellbeing. This is an enormously challenging task, as the need is so great and only grows each year, as more and more people realise how important engaging proactively in their own recovery can be to the outcome. Your sponsorship will provide hope, help and health.

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